About Me

My name is Elisabeth. This blog is my attempt to find a voice after a childhood of silence. I began it in 2006, in the middle of writing for a PhD on the topic, ‘Life writing and the desire for revenge’.

A blog seemed a good place in which I might explore ideas about autobiography, as well as practice my writing.

I finished my thesis in 2011, but keep on blogging, despite the amputations of twitter and Facebook – the effort to reduce the words to sound bites. When we make a commitment to longer communications, we come away with something worthwhile, something that pings off our memories and can leave us with a sense of being nourished.

This blog allows me, not only to keep a record of events, but also to develop a different perspective on those events. I write to work things out, the things that trouble me, the things that don’t make sense and to leave a mark in cyberspace so that when I am dead, others might remember me, not for my actions but for my words.