Recovery and Records

I am settling back into life after our trip to Italy and France. I have my brain back. I am still in one piece, much to my surprise. I had feared I would not survive this trip and I have survived. Apart from the three books I read while I was away and the few new sights I saw, of countries right up close, I do not feel I have achieved much. I am achievement driven. I feel the need to have something to show. It’s not enough simply to have enjoyed the company of others. I need a more tangible record. My photographs are disappointing. They do not do justice to the landscape or to the people temporarily within that landscape, but at least they exist. I have a partial record.


Here are my first attempts at downloading my own photos, shot by me with my own camera.

These images are from the village of Treponti, in the district of Teolo.

I have avoided including portraits here because my photographic skills are such that I have not done justice to the individuals photographed.

Our group occupied the ground floor of the villa pictured, but our room was towards the back and separate.

The chooks came up better in my photos than the people, but that’s usually the way of it. Animals are less self conscious than people.

And finally an image of some of the people to prove it.