Newsflash: An introduction and two other blogs

For those who may be interested – and can spare the time – I’d like to introduce my friend Gretta, a fine writer and fascinating person who has lately started her blog Dustchange.

Gretta and I joined a novel writing class many moons ago. She was well on her way in the writing business; several published short stories, while I was new at it then. We moved beyond novel writing, though only Gretta finished her novel, while I’m still working on mine, though I wouldn’t call mine a novel anymore.
Anyhow this is about Gretta.

Check out her blog. She’s living in the Kimberly region in Western Australia at the moment and writes about some of her experiences there with the keen eye and passion for detail of the fine writer that she is.

I mention blog number two to introduce another Australian writer, Maria Tumarkin, author of Traumascapes and Courage. Maria features on Damon Young’s blog as part of his writers’ series, ‘The Write Tools’ in which writers write about their preferred writing conditions.

If you visit Damon’s blog you can get some feel for Maria’s wonderful writing and finally, though this one sounds a tad too conceited, I’d like to introduce Tania Herschman’s blog which in one post features my story as a writer. Too self interested by half, though autobiographical and hopefully interesting.