2 thoughts on “The terror of being on radio”

  1. Elizabeth – What a wonderful interview! First of all, I want to comment on how warm and empathetic your voice is. I thought Michael Cathcart’s questions and comments were very thoughtful and you, Melina and Sarah responded with grace and intelligence.

    I was struck by Melina’s comment of her mother’s reading of her manuscript and how she worried about what had been in her head for years. I was also impressed with Sarah’s observation of the inaccuracy of the popular notion that love can solve (depression) problems. I loved her response of how someone’s “EVERYDAY” wearying saneness is heroic.- (or was it ‘sameness’?)

    Your emphasis on artistic elements providing insights where science can’t was an important addition to the conversation. You shined a light on what it’s like to be troubled and the falsehood of feeling like it’s an ‘us vs. them’ situation and how fiction can provide empathy (“it could be me too”). So excellent.

    The person who commented on the impact of reading Sarah’s novel and how “…the Black Hole hasn’t gone away, it just got smaller.”…was touching.

    I’m agreeing with you about how hard it is to be around someone who is suffering, but how important it is that they be heard.

    If you were nervous at all during this interview, it certainly didn’t show.

    1. Kass, how lovely that you should listen to the interview. It’s amazing to hear this feedback. While I was in the interview my anxiety went away but it all went so fast. I felt as though I’d said about a sentence of what I imagined I might say. The assistant who ushered us in and out of the radio cubicle – if that’s what you call it – told us that it’s often like this. You just get started and it’s over, even during longer interviews that last an hour. In the end it was such a good experience and I’m glad I managed it. Thanks, Kass.

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