My moment of glory

Yesterday, someone called Tracy Myers emailed to tell me that my blog has been selected as one of fifty personal memoir blogs that she rates among the best, at least for the moment.

Needless to say, I first checked the email out for spam. I should be more trustworthy perhaps but on the Internet we all know about those who play into our desire for recognition such that they flatter us mercilessly and offer all manner of reward just to get inside our computers in order to do untold damage there.

But it seems a genuine blog and I’ve since heard from others that it’s worth a visit, particularly if you’re interested in online memoir.

In honour of the occasion and to emphasize a point that I’ve been trying to make of late that autobiography also contains fictional elements, I shall post an image of myself:

The author without her head.

49 thoughts on “My moment of glory”

  1. Very good; well done! Congratulations.
    I wouldn't say that you're not a trusting person; I would suggest that your are simply prudent in your dealings with the internet.
    And I do recognize that you're trying to get ahead. The picture proves you're at least halfway there.

  2. You'll forgive me for not sending an individual thank you to all you lovely people for your kind and generous acknowledgements.

    Still, I'll give you a line each, and in order of arrival. As sixth in line, I'm sensitive to these things.

    I'm blushing a little for all the applause. It's not that I'm shy, but I come from the school that says 'do not get too bigheaded, you never know where it might lead'. Hence half the author's head.

    Elephant's child (again)
    Jeanette (again)
    Maggie May
    The Unknowngnome

    I'm most grateful.

  3. Yeah, I’m also wary about sites like this but, as you say, it looks genuine enough and the backlink will do you no harm. If it gets you one regular reader then it’s worthwhile. I see Jennifer Trinkle also made the Top 5 too.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love Ruth. I'm glad I returned the visit since I am also interested in autobiography and readable writing. I like your picture. In fact you look familiar — almost.

  5. Congratulations Elisabeth – heartening to see you get some recognition.

    When I was in Melbourne, I harboured this fantasy that I would send you a note suggesting coffee at Cafe Moravia or similar, but hesitated as I was unsure of the etiquette (and aware that you are very busy). As it turned out, I was quite tied up myself, but maybe next time …

  6. elisabeth, you deserve many accolades for your fine & thoughtful writing. of the blogs i try to keep up with, yours is certainly a model of the kind of serious, important writing that can be done and presented in this strange new world. your ability to be self-revealing w/o being narcissistic–to tap into a common and complex thread–is one of the many aspects of your writing that i admire.

    thank you so much,


  7. without your eyes – which would tell so much and perhaps that's the point of the photograph. consciously or unconsciously! your unflinching honesty and transparancy has been inspirational for me. i have your courage but i don't let it have its way. more fool me! keep on writing please. steven

  8. Thanks Jim, I'm so honoured to be included alongside Jennifer . She's such a terrific writer. Thanks for introducing me to her.

    Ah the joys of the blogosphere. We meet such fantastic and fascinating people who write and communicate well.

  9. I wonder who my half head resembles, Shari. It's lovely to see you here and yes indeed, Ruth is a terrific person, a profound thinker and a gifted poet.

    Thanks, Shari.

  10. Cafe Moravia would be a terrific destination for coffee and a chat, Isabel. So please next time you're in Melbourne and have time drop me a line, email or whatever. I'm good most weekends, though the weekdays can be a bit harder. You'd be my first ever blogger friend whom I've met in the flesh as it were.

    I'm not averse to turning the virtual into the real, however risky it might seem. What if we disappoint one another?

    Thanks, Isabel.

  11. Thanks, susan. I do worry about the narcissistic label. It's always a problem when you write from the perspective of the ubiquitous 'I'.

    It's a great comfort, that I can reach beyond my own concerns and touch on some of yours and other people's.

    Thanks for reassuring me on that count, Susan, and for all your kind words.

  12. Ah Steven, I reckon your courage shows more and more in your posts. I sense a much deeper connection with your narrator self all the time.

    And thanks for your kind words to me here.

  13. I suppose I shut the shutters on my soul in this photo, Elizabeth, not wanting to be too coy.

    There's something about the way a little bit can go further than the lot sometimes. And I daren't take things, such as awards, too seriously, however chuffed I might be.

    Thanks, Elizabeth .

  14. Ah sweet Rose, thanks for your good wishes. It's lovely to see you her. Every time your name pops up I think of one of my daughters. And that's an additional treat, besides enjoying a visit from you.

  15. Thanks for the good wishes here, Frances. They surprise me given your criticisms of late, but then again there's so much potential for misunderstanding in this strange place called the blogosphere that anything's possible.

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